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How do I Pick The Right Songs?

Okay so! We all know that when you hear a certain song it transports you back in time Raven style to a specific moment! 

"OMG this played in the car on the way back from that festival remember" 

                                      "My mum and dad used to dance to this song in the kitchen when we were kids" 

                                                                                   "I remember jumping on my bed singing this into my hairbrush" 

Songs from your wedding will be no different! So here goes... The perfect recipe for your Wedding music! 


For your Ceremony You Will Need; 

1 Song for Aisle Entrance

2 Songs for you Register Signing

1 Song for you Aisle Exit

1 Spare Song incase the paparazzi come in for the Register Signing shots! 

Drinks Reception

I think 3 personal Choices make a perfect drinks reception. We can also pop in your spare aswell! Then leave the others to us! From your 3 choices we can create the perfect set list to work with them.

Wedding Breakfast 

Again 3 personals is more than plenty you can sprinkle a few more if you wanted too but we have it covered for you. All this baking malarky can get a bit much you can trust us! 

Step 1; 

Set aside a Date Night! 

If you have chosen your Wedding Wine; pour yourselves a glass! Light the Candles and get Spotify hooked up to the sonos! Grab a pen and paper...  

Step 2; 

Write down all of the songs that remind you of each other! The songs that no matter where you are or who you are with always bring your mind back to each other. 

- Brown Eyed Girl

- The One

- I'm yours

- Fat Bottomed Girls (If you're feeling brave!!) 

- My Guy 

Once you have your list listen to them all! 

Step 3 - Almost There;

Now you have listened to them all its time to organise! 

Which ones made you cry?  

These belong in your ceremony! 

Which ones made you want to dance? 

These can be for your evening reception or drinks reception

Which ones made you smile and just look at each other with love? 

Have these for your wedding breakfast. 

Step 4;

Still can't find the right songs?? 


Email me!! I have coached many a couple through a musical breakdown, I've got you! I have a full list of songs ready and raring to go! 

Et Voila! 

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