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Current Repertoire

My Repertoire changes on a weekly basis! I am always looking to add new songs and genres to my set lists but  here is the most up to date version as of May 2024.

I learn songs based on Couples request so if you love a song but it is not on my rep... Don't Panic! I can learn them for you and you can have them as part of your big day celebrations! 


How do song selections?

I have a few different ways you can choose the songs for your big day! The main thing with my approach is ZERO STRESS. Life and Weddings are busy enough as it is ...if you want to be super involved in song choices then lets do this together! If you simply don't have the headspace to think about it and need someone to guide you or do this for you..then let me do it! I can be a solo girl or a teamplayer, you can pick me up and drop me as much as you need leading upto your wedding! 

Pre- Ceremony


 I have a Set list I can send over to you and check. I don't usually ask for suggestions for pre-ceremony as I am aware you have 1001 things to think about and I can do this bit myself but.....if you are super organised and are the type of couple who want a bit more involvement in your song choice I am more than happy with that! If you are wanting to input for Pre-Ceremony I would ask you to choose off my Repertoire or Social Media Videos.



These are YOUR SONGS ...You can choose 5 songs out of the entire universe! If I have never sang them before, if you're not sure they will suit doesn't matter! Send them over to me as soon as you know what you would like and I will get learning! 

Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast & Cocktail Hour 

Depending on your booking type I would ask for a Maximum of 3 songs, these are 3 songs that I will learn from scratch for you or off my current repertoire. Alternatively you can create your own custom set list! If you want to go through any videos that I have put out on social media and leave a comment or create a list I will compile a full list of songs that you have handpicked based on what you like. 


First Dance


Once again this is your moment! Choose your First Dance song from anywhere and I will learn it for you, for the 10mins after your First Dance we can work together choosing from previous videos or my repertoire or you can pick 3 new songs for me to learn.


I would love to learn 100s of new songs for each of your weddings but sadly its just physically impossible for me to do this! But with a repertoire that has over 350 songs on it... I'm sure between us we can find the perfect soundtrack for your day!


Chelsie x


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